Campervan/car relocations

To assist those looking to relocate a vehicle this post will provide campervan and car relocation options and note some of the costs that may be incurred. It also notes a few things to consider when looking at your options.

Relocation options
You’ve probably got the best chance of securing a relocation with a business that deals with multiple hire companies, two options are: (formerly standbyrelocs) – from $1 a day relocation hire fee – free relocation hire fee

Five hire companies that offer relocations subject to availability: (cars only) (campervans only) (cars only, usually a 48 hour maximum time limit) – Apollo, Cheapa & Hippie van relocations

Extra costs that may be incurred
– Booking fee, eg. imoova charge a non refundable $25 booking fee.
– Bond / security deposit, this should be refunded as long as the vehicle is returned on time, without damage.
– A booking deposit / holding fee may be charged to hold the vehicle for you, this should be refunded either on pick up or return. As an example, Apollo charge a $250 booking deposit, if you cancel more than 12 hours after booking, the deposit isn’t refunded.
– South-North Island and reverse relocations may require you to pay the ferry fee for the vehicle and driver. However free ferry for the vehicle, and sometimes the driver, is often offered.
– If you relocate a campervan you may need to pay for gas bottle refills and pay a hire fee for linen and equipment like outdoor table and chairs. Remember to empty grey water and toilet cassettes if applicable (Jucy Rental’s terms and conditions state a $500 fee if you don’t, other companies are also likely to charge).
– Hire fees for GPS devices and car seats for children.
– Most vehicles will come with a mileage allowance, there will be a charge for each kilometre over that allowance.
– Road User Tax for diesel vehicles – who pays & how much?
– Underage Surcharge, eg. Thrifty have an Underage Surcharge of $15 +GST per day for those aged between 21 – 24.
– There will be a time limit on the relocation, it may be possible to have the vehicle for longer but the usual daily hire rate will probably apply.
– Check out the insurance provisions, you should be able to pay for extra cover if you think it’s necessary as well as pay extra to reduce the excess.
– Usually you will be responsible for paying fuel costs, remember to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up or there may be a charge.
– If you intend to share the driving an Additional Driver Surcharge may apply.

Other considerations
– Are you old enough? 18 or 21 are the usual requirements and you need a full drivers license.
– Read the terms and conditions carefully, especially the insurance details – what does the standard insurance cover and do you think it’s adequate? What are your options for extra cover?
– Manual or automatic? If you usually drive an automatic vehicle it might not be the best time to experience a manual, especially if you’re a visitor to NZ.
– Where do you collect / drop off the vehicle and what are your transport options to / from there?
– If you’re not familiar with NZ roads and road rules here’s some information about driving in NZ from the NZ Transport Agency.

Relocation tips from a campervan relocation we did a few years ago
– Allow plenty of time to pick up a vehicle, you may find a queue at the office, especially during summer, and there may be a bit of paper work to get through before you hit the road.
– Ferry costs for vehicles between the islands – if a relocation you want is gone and you’re offered an alternative but are told you need to pay the ferry crossing for the vehicle, you can turn it down. We did, and were offered another vehicle with free ferry a few days later.
– If you’re running late to catch a ferry sailing, phone and see if you can change sailings, they’re likely to be accommodating if they can. Allow plenty of time to travel to Picton/Wellington in December/January though as ferry crossings are often fully booked.

Feel free to comment below or post a link if you’ve blogged about your relocation experience.

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