On a sweet trail in Auckland – Part One

Giapo, 279 Queen Street – ‘The Plated Cone’
Take your flatmate or your family of four, the plated cone is a whopper. We dubbed ours American Samoa – Mike chose California Pistachio gelato and I chose Siamu Popo – flavours of Samoa including coconut milk and lime juice.

One scoop of each gelato went into a waffle cone covered in chocolate. The cone was encircled by a large, thin, chocolate plate that tasted like a yummy chocolate wheaten biscuit. The plate was covered in hazlenuts and dotted with chocolate swirls. The whole shebang was topped with a macaron, and a thin white chocolate slab that poked out the top like a feather in a hat. Dashes and daubs of whatever toppings made that day completed the cone. All it needed was its own stand, although we made swift progress demolishing our little bit of the Pacific on a plate.

Giapo's Plated Cone

Giapo’s Plated Cone

Giapo's menu

Giapo’s menu

The plated cone is $17, cheap considering all the ingredients involved and the unique flavours of gelato, ice cream and sorbet you can choose from. Another particularly unusual Giapo creation was invented in time for winter last year – the hot ice cream dessert. There’s a recipe if you’d like to have a go making it yourself.

If you want to leave it to the experts Giapo is open 7 days from 12.30pm until late, or the gelato runs out. (Common sense tells me the hot ice cream would only be available in winter, although when it comes to Giapo you should expect the unexpected).

The Plated Cone

The Plated Cone

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