On a sweet trail in Auckland – Part Two

Milse – Dessert Restaurant & Pattisserie, 27 Tyler Street (Britomart)
I had perfection on a plate at Milse – a raspberry, chocolate and honey comb tart. It’s the sort of place to go if you like to feast with your eyes as well as your taste buds. You may have to join the queue though as it’s a tiny place that doesn’t seat many over a dozen diners. I went during the day when it’s much easier to get a table, and ordered from the cabinet. In the evening the a la carte menu comes out and from what I’ve read, the queues begin (no bookings can be made).

Milse raspberry, chocolate and honey comb tart

Milse – Raspberry, chocolate and honey comb tart

The service was more formal than I’m used to, I was called madam and served sparkling water which is a bit posh. So how much do you pay for this sort of service and perfection on a plate? The tart was $7 and I’d happily pay twice the price.

Revisiting Milse in September 2015 the prices had risen slightly – $8 each for the gateaux below, and $2.50 for the macaron, I’d still happily pay twice the price. The service was more friendly than formal this time round, but the sparkling water remains along with the delicious desserts.

Milse revisited - 2 x gateaux, and macaron of the day

Milse revisited – 2 x gateaux, and macaron of the day

If you don’t fancy queueing in the evening for dessert you can always take away some beautiful creations from the cabinet. I didn’t attempt to photograph the creations – gelato sticks, individual chocolates …. as I knew I couldn’t do them justice, especially under glass. I couldn’t capture the interior either but it felt a bit like being inside a kaleidoscope as the sun shone through the wooden lattice work and made pretty patterns. (Google images has plenty of photos).

Tiny restaurant and tiny seating

Tiny restaurant and tiny seating

Milse is open 7 days from 10am. It’s a bit tricky to find, but you’ll see Ortolana, head down the alley next door to the little round Milse sign. (Ortolana also serve Milse desserts so that’s an option if there are queues).

Federal Delicatessen, 86 Federal Street
We’d booked a cracker of a hotel deal on Queen Street and were looking for somewhere for dessert. It was around 9pm on a Sunday evening when we found Federal Delicatessen with a 3-way pie combo on the menu – why not?

3 way pie combo at Federal Delicatessen

3 way pie combo at Federal Delicatessen

Banana and toffee with crunchy caramel popcorn, lemon meringue, and choc cherry pie were our choices – $18 all three. I also had an endless cup of retro filter coffee that took me back to the dark days before the flat white. Our pick of the pies was banana and toffee, I hope it turns retro too, or at least stays on the menu until we return.

Take a seat

Take a seat

The staff are kitted out in mint green uniforms and refill coffee cups when they say ‘More’. Lone diners will feel especially comfortable at the bar and those lucky enough may be able to score a booth.

Score a booth if you're lucky

Score a booth if you’re lucky

If you’re like us and haven’t been to an old school New York delicatessen but would like to, dining at Federal might be the next best thing. Open 7 days from 7am and doing the late shift until 1am Friday & Saturday.

The Federal

Federal Delicatessen

Stairway to Donut Heaven?

I was going to follow these stairs as well, but I decided I had to go home and jog a few more laps of the park before I had any more sweet treats. See you next time Coffee & Donuts, 12 Customs Street East (Britomart).

Coffee & Donuts

Stairway to Donut Heaven?

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  1. Nice! We went to Federal a few weeks ago for some poutine, pastrami and clam chowder (I know, what a light meal!) The soup was especially good, I’d go back.

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