Trip Advisor’s dodgy photos – ‘Photos from around the world’

Checking links on an old blog post I saw one of our photos on Trip Advisor, it was a surprise given we’re not Trip Advisor members. It was more surprising that the photo is of scones, jam and cream and was taken at a tea room in Oamaru but is attached to a Trip Advisor review for Midori Japanese restaurant in Oamaru.

How did it happen? In April 2012 I wrote a blog post about Annie’s Victorian Tea Room (now closed), it included a mention of Midori Japanese restaurant and a photo, Trip Advisor took the wrong photo. The source … Read the rest

Follow-up to Copyright Infringement by itravelNZ

Further to my post about copyright infringement by itravelNZ … Yuri Volna (owner of itravelNZ) advised our solicitor that a ‘contractor’ provided itravelNZ with content from thecuriouskiwi. Our request for the name and contact details of the alleged contractor was met with silence, leading us to believe that our content may well have been taken by itravelNZ’s Content Manager rather than a contractor.

We were advised by our solicitor that we would likely win a case in the High Court against itravelNZ given the copyright infringement evidence we can provide. During this process itravelNZ would be required to identify the … Read the rest

Copyright Infringement by itravelNZ

It was with a feeling of deja vu that I recognised 36 of the 40 cafes in our Unusual Cafe Guide were listed on, and the associated travel app. Other “French words” not to be repeated here were used when I realised actual content from our Unusual Cafe Guide had been taken without our knowledge or permission and reproduced word for word on, and the associated travel app (hereinafter referred to as itravelNZ). Copyright infringement didn’t stop at the cafe guide, content was taken from elsewhere on our website so we engaged an Intellectual Property firm … Read the rest