Some 52 years ago today I got married. We spent the first night of our married life in Wanganui and the next morning headed northward confidently. Alas we soon discovered we had taken a wrong turn and were heading for Taranaki. At Stratford we consulted our map and saw a reassuring red line offering what seemed to be a short cut to Taumaranui. However, we soon found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. We had discovered The Forgotten Highway! Alarm soon turned to delight. It was a marvellous adventure and one we plan to repeat "any day now"!

Admin:  Hi Merv Congratulations on 52 years of marriage, and what a memorable start to your married life. All these years later the highway still feels like the middle of nowhere and it will be a special trip for you both 'any day now'. Best wishes, I'm on holiday at the moment so I will raise a glass to you tonight - 52 years is a real achievement.

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