About Us

Kia Ora

We're a Kiwi couple who currently call Tauranga home (miss ya Rotorua). In October 2020 'It's In The Post - Awesome Letterboxes From Around New Zealand' was published by Bateman Books and was inspired by the series of letterbox photos published on thecuriouskiwi/blog.

The website and blog are an ongoing work in progress. Mike does most of the technical work on the website and I (Rachael) write the content. Because there are so many travel related blogs and websites I decided we needed a point of difference and I chose curious content. I've always loved learning and like many people I'm curious about the world we live in so thecuriouskiwi seemed like a good idea (most days it still does).

I really appreciate the emails and comments I get about the website and blog content. We pay for all our travel and I only blog about things that I would recommend to others, if I have a reservation about something I'll say so, but ofcourse it is always only my personal opinion.

The website is slightly different in that it also has lists of things like Unusual Accommodation, Cooking Schools and High Tea options.

One of my aims with the content I write is that people will find it useful and won't be disappointed that they took the time to click open a link - if you are disappointed feel free to let me know.

Happy travels and thanks for visiting thecuriouskiwi.

Rachael & Mike

PS. If you'd like to use our content or photos please ask, a few years ago I found content I'd written and photos I'd taken copied and pasted into another New Zealand travel website. It was an awful feeling, I've spent a lot of time working on the website and blog and I ask that my work be respected.