Soak and Stay at Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula

We were squatters at Hot Water Beach, a puncture and repair job in nearby Whitianga stole most of our soaking, and all of our digging time. We arrived spadeless and hoping for an abandoned hot pool. The sea had already started its push toward the high tide mark and fortunately for us some people had dug their free spa and moved on.

We sat in a big hot puddle and watched fierce waves in the distance. The waves would eventually wash away all evidence that we were here, in a hot pool of water surrounded by foreign accents and backpackers … Read the rest

The Waterworks, The 309 Road, Coromandel

Before you get to The Waterworks on The 309 Road you’re probably going to see some free range pigs, if you stop they will run after you and expect food. Don’t be meanies like us and stop empty handed, slices of bread will do.

All sorts of stuff has been recycled and reused to create The Waterworks. Unusual contraptions include a large water powered music box made out of old car parts and butter knives, and a kitchen utensil water wheel.

There’s a decent dollop of humour in the park and if you’re curious about the origins of sayings and … Read the rest