Beach Hop 2018

There were a few unusual vehicles in the Grand Parade at Beach Hop this year including a yellow electric 1957 Ford Fairlane. If you’re in New Zealand you’ve probably seen Ron and Malcolm making a quiet getaway in the big yellow Ford in the Mercury Energy TV ad (if not follow the link).

We were talking about what makes Beach Hop one of the best car events we’ve been to and for us one of the many reasons is the sound, it’s not a quiet car event as anyone who stands on Port Road in Whangamata will tell you.

Will … Read the rest

Beach Hop 2015

It was a bring the brolly Beach Hop this year and the changeable weather had an impact on the number of spectators at the Grand Parade on Saturday morning. We found it a lot easier to find a space to watch the vehicles rumble by than we did last year.

We arrived in Whangamata on Friday to see the Thunder Cruise to Onemana Beach. We followed the lead of all those parked along the route to watch the convoy.… Read the rest

Soak and Stay at Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula

We were squatters at Hot Water Beach, a puncture and repair job in nearby Whitianga stole most of our soaking, and all of our digging time. We arrived spadeless and hoping for an abandoned hot pool. The sea had already started its push toward the high tide mark and fortunately for us some people had dug their free spa and moved on.

We sat in a big hot puddle and watched fierce waves in the distance. The waves would eventually wash away all evidence that we were here, in a hot pool of water surrounded by foreign accents and backpackers … Read the rest

The Waterworks, The 309 Road, Coromandel

Before you get to The Waterworks on The 309 Road you’re probably going to see some free range pigs, if you stop they will run after you and expect food. Don’t be meanies like us and stop empty handed, slices of bread will do.

All sorts of stuff has been recycled and reused to create The Waterworks. Unusual contraptions include a large water powered music box made out of old car parts and butter knives, and a kitchen utensil water wheel.

There’s a decent dollop of humour in the park and if you’re curious about the origins of sayings and … Read the rest

Beach Hop 2014

Hot rod, classic car, motorbike, and cool caravan nirvana – Beach Hop, Whangamata. Was it the biggest Saturday crowd ever at the Grand Parade? It certainly felt like it.

The sun was shining and so were the cars as they rolled through the streets lined with thousands of hot rod enthusiasts. Given the crowd I took my chance to head to the Retro Caravan Show. The show was the biggest yet with around 85 vans on display. The cool caravans included Betty who crossed the ditch with her Vauxhall Cresta tow car. The Cresta and Betty are part … Read the rest