Le Petit Cafe, Samoa

Le Petit Cafe┬áis run by a friendly bunch of women and is well known for its crepes. If you’re lucky there may also be pumpkin pie to go with your coconut cream latte.

Waffles, omelettes and homemade granola are on the breakfast menu, and there are eleven types of crepes to choose from. If you like Kit Kats you could try the Isabella crepe ($20) – Kit Kat, vanilla ice cream and more Kit Kat. For local flavour try Iris ($13) – siamu popo (coconut jam) with penu (grated coconut).

The cafe is on a verandah and has a … Read the rest

Forest Cafe, Samoa

Forest Cafe, Philipp Road, Apia (look for the sign opposite Baha’i Temple on Cross Island Road)
Have a cup of coffee with the butterflies and birds at Forest Cafe. The cafe is on a sturdy wooden platform that sits over a ravine and looks into the forest. It’s all about the atmosphere at Forest Cafe, it’s a small and simple set up but that also makes it a peaceful and relaxing place to be.

The temperature drops slightly the higher you go in Apia so it feels a few degrees cooler at the cafe, we found it a beautiful … Read the rest

Pacific Jewell Garden Cafe & Gift Shop, Samoa

Pacific Jewell Garden Cafe is a gem of a find in a small industrial park in Apia. There is plenty of seating and a lush garden full of tropical plants.

French toast, waffles and omelettes are on the breakfast menu, there are sandwiches and sweet treats in the cabinet, as well as a bagel menu with the option of designing your own.

I loved the coconut table accessories, the hand held fans on the tables, and insect repellent are thoughtful touches too.

We visited for an afternoon tea of coffee ($9 for a large latte), and chocolate cake ($12), it’s … Read the rest

Nourish Cafe, Samoa

There are some good cafes in Samoa in lovely locations. This blog post about Nourish Cafe is the first in a series of Apia cafes that will include Pacific Jewell Garden Cafe, Forest Cafe and Le Petit Cafe. (If you’re travelling to Samoa or are thinking about it, see our Samoa Travel Guide).

Nourish Cafe, Mulivai Street, Apia
Nourish Cafe serves good food in a modern and stylish setting. Produce is bought from local organic farmers so if you like to support local producers your money is well spent here.

The menu at Nourish includes salads, soups, local fish … Read the rest