Nourish Cafe, Samoa

There are some good cafes in Samoa in lovely locations. This blog post about Nourish Cafe is the first in a series of Apia cafes that will include Pacific Jewell Garden Cafe, Forest Cafe and Le Petit Cafe. (If you’re travelling to Samoa or are thinking about it, see our Samoa Travel Guide).

Nourish Cafe, Mulivai Street, Apia
Nourish Cafe serves good food in a modern and stylish setting. Produce is bought from local organic farmers so if you like to support local producers your money is well spent here.

Nourish Cafe in Apia, Samoa

Nourish Cafe in Apia, Samoa

The menu at Nourish includes salads, soups, local fish dishes and delicious and substantial crepes.

Protein Push crepes at Nourish Cafe - so good

Protein Push crepes at Nourish Cafe – so good

Caramelized banana crepes at Nourish Cafe - even better

Caramelized banana crepes at Nourish Cafe – even better

The cafe is air conditioned, or you can sit outside amongst the greenery with a magazine or a local paper. Thumbs up to the interior designer who continued the modern and clean look to the toilets. Nourish Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch Monday – Saturday and opens late on Friday for Nourish Nite.

Nourish Cafe

Nourish Cafe

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4 thoughts on “Nourish Cafe, Samoa

    • The crepes were really good and I like the simple but stylish design of the cafe, it’s a style I’d like to have at home but I have to conquer my ‘stuff collecting tendency’ to make it happen.

  1. Congratulations to Curious Kiwi for finding such interesting places. Now I am at the stage of only being able to ‘armchair travel’ I do really appreciate your efforts to find new and lovely venues.
    Thumbs up Curious Kiwi

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