More Auckland Street Art

Following on from the Auckland Street Art post, I walked around the K’ Road area with a 2015 All Fresco Public Art Festival* map in hand. I couldn’t find all 10 new works and I think a couple may have been painted over, or I was looking in the wrong place. Here’s five I did find:

The striking portrait by Owen Dippie is on the side of an apartment building on Canada Street (at the top of Upper Queen Street). You can see ‘Hine’ from the motorway, beats looking at the traffic that’s for sure. (Number 6 on the map).… Read the rest

Street Art in Central Auckland

Also see More Auckland Street Art (2016)

Years ago I was leaving Sydney by train, there was so much tagging and graffiti on walls and wagons with so many angles, layers and colours it turned into one long amazing art work to me. From that experience I was primed to appreciate art on the street, the kind that brightens up backs of buildings and dull concrete walls.

Street artists like Owen Dippie (OD) are being commissioned for projects like ‘Larger Than Life’ – a series of murals on Tauranga’s walls. Supporters of the project hope it will attract tourists, it’s … Read the rest